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Age limitations: от 12 лет без взрослых

The earthlings colonized the Solar System, but they never learned to live as friends. Greed, mutual hostility and thirst for unlimited power push the colonists to another irreconcilable conflict. And here is yet a mysterious Venerean abnormality which threatens to upset the already fragile balance of power!

Immerse in the atmosphere of the science fiction series and take part in confrontations of space metropolises! Both experienced strategists and casual players, willing just to have fun, will enjoy this game.

Your team is to take on the role of leaders of one of the Solar system’s metropolises and lead the people to prosperity. This can be achieved peacefully or by means of armed conflict, one by one wiping the colonies of rivals off the face of the earth. Choose which of these strategies is closer to you. But don’t forget that you can’t trust anyone, and only one team will win!

This is an online role-playing game. To participate, you will need a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with headphones and a microphone. It will be more interesting and easier to play if you install the free Zoom app in advance and enable your device’s webcam. A link to the conference in Zoom will be sent to your email immediately after your reservation is confirmed by the operator.

The minimum number of participants is 10 people. Gather a large company, join an already registered team or alone — it will be interesting anyway! The more participants are in your team, the lower the cost of the game is. If your team has fewer than 80 members, other users will also be able to join your game.

Please note that the schedule shows Moscow time for sessions.

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